Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sydney Biennale 2008

The Sydney Biennale is currently on.. Set over many sites, the main exhbition is held on Cockatoo Island, Pier 2 wharf, the MCA and the AGNSW.

I have currently seen the Cockatoo Island and MCA sections..
I found Cockatoo Island frustrating to navigate but very worthwhile. This was mainly due to lack of clear signage as to where to locate the artworks.. Having said that, the surreal war bunker settings gave the high number of video installations a very powerful ambiance to display in, so I understand the choice of location.

I also found the strange architecture on the island worked almost as an art piece of its own.. giving strength to many of the artworks - especially the Giannis Kounellis piece using old sails throughout one side of the ship building hall (the hall is pictured below).

I also loved the piece on the black panthers by Emory Douglas.. and although you arnt allowed to take photos, I snuck this one in..

i'm looking forward to the AGNSW and Pier 2 sections this week! x

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