Monday, April 28, 2008

Fashion week - Belinda Double Bay - Grant Cowan

The illustrative talents of Grant Cowan are amazing..
He captures the glorious play of the new season miu miu and our quirky mannequin in a series of wonderful sketched done during the installation of our fashion week window.

Our gratitude and love to Grant. thankyou xx

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fashion week - Belinda Paddington - Rene Vaile and Meg Gray

Photographer Rene Vaile and Vogue Australia Fashion assistant Meg Gray combine forces for our Paddington Belinda window in a joyful expression of love and fashion obsessions.

Rene documents meg's love of socks. Her naive designs of socks drawn in both a notebook and on a wall paper size page are whimsical and fun and celebrate how much joy there can be to something we often see as utility.
Rene's practiced eye behind the lens captures the artists character and the image resonates in colour, composition and observation.

Big love and inspiration to both Rene and Meg xx

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FASHION WEEK Sydney May 2008

As fashion week begins we celebrate the wonderfully talented friends we have.
Australian Fashion week is a local intimate affair, where many of the designers and retailers are friends and have more than just a client /supplier relationship.

We chose artist from within our friends to celebrate the fine line between art and fashion and the relationships we have with both at Belinda and The Corner Shop.

For the Corner Shop artists we wanted to explore the works of newly emerging artists.
At the Belinda stores we have more established and working professional artists.

The first to launch his works today is Dave Withers for The Corner Shop in the strand..

Dave is a conceptual sculptor, concerned with urban dross (garbage) and working with found object (often with materials lifted directly from the streets).
His newspaper Bubbles, made for this installation within our Corner Shop at the Strand are pure fun.. jigging alongside the mannequins, they induce a sense of play and discovery whilst the bric-a-brac construction of newspaper and masking tape plays against the high end fashion they interact with. The shapes are reminiscent of bubbles or pebbles and are read instantly as abstract organic and feminine forms.

our thanks and kudos to Dave xx

fine art as inspiration

We have been watching the artworks of Stefan Bruggemann appear on the fabulous site for the last few months..
We did this window in our DB store to announce the arrival of the Lanvin instore. It has a framed image of a parisian marketplace with the words from Bruggemanns work 'in paris people think in french' painted upon the image. The handless mannequin adds the quirky element that Lanvin is famous for embracing in their windows.

All credit and inspiration we send to Stefan for his wit and copy writing skills.
(we also placed an image of the original artwork and website details within the display to give props)

i think everyone should have a look at his website

2003 black vinyl lettering
white and dark blue neon
edition of 3

beautiful food

the best birthday cake ever:)
Pure Gelato makes the most beautiful icecream cakes ive ever seen.. perfect for that visually interested child-like windowdresser.. hehe

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

pom pom pom pom pom

warm and cozy these coloured pom poms are making a temporary window in our P1 store, a joyous little installation..
The colours of the new season coupled with the youthful repetto and the luella bag make a fun display that sets itself against the grey skies that are dominating sydney at the moment..

squishy and we love it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Summer flowers

well the craziness and paint flinging has finally begun to arrive at the MLC windows.
We listened to the concerto and painted to it all morning..
all in all a great day and a happy outcome!