Saturday, October 27, 2007


this song and film clip are awesome.. my friend showed it to me last night and ive been watching it all morning:)
hand made fun with play-doh (yes again) and a beautiful song that describes exactly what im feeling at the moment...

and it hurts with every heartbeat.

Friday, October 26, 2007

MLC - bogong moth

We used a part of the Bogong Moth Textile print by Artist Bruce Goold (thankyou so much bruce!) for this MLC Centre Belinda window. The new season (A/W 2008) collections are surrounded by these fake moths, mimicking the real bogong plague happening in sydney at the moment.. Its so bad that as you pull out a dress from the rail in most city stores a moth will more than likely fly out... bad for moth haters.. but luckily they don't bite or eat clothes.. so i dont mind them at all...

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Bogong Moths belong to the Family Noctuidae and are well known in south-eastern Australia for their mass migration in spring. In some years, they have descended upon cities such as Sydney and Canberra in their thousands, causing disruption around outdoor sports grounds, most city skyscrapers and to air-conditioning plants.

Our thanks again and inspiration to Bruce and his lovely family.
x ev

Thursday, October 25, 2007

window- the art of fighting

The art of fighting window was inspired by my recent breakup and the new mannequins i bought for our shops.. and i guess i am constantly reminded of the vicious side of fashion by working in retail.. i wish they had been just a little more violent in their stance, however i am happy to have this much expression from a bust form:)
all in all , it was very cathartic..

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happily market-ed to

this is exactly like my dreams.. :D

i know i'm not the first to blog about this, but its such an awesomely great piece of creative....i wish would happen one day.. while i was walking down the street that playdoh rabbits would appear from pipes and trashbins and bring all their colour and hop-ness to the world...


Monday, October 22, 2007

melbourne set up

hey all,
im sitting in the virgin blue lounge in melbourne. The best thing is the wireless internet. Windows in Melbourne went very well with the opening of our new store (see pic below) and an irreverent play with the races theme in our GPO store...

Heading back home now,
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

musings: where have i been?

hi all, so ive been gone for almost two months.

i guess i could blab on about being lazy/busy/no internet... but actually my life since the trip to new york has been amazing and destructive at the same time...

amazing: seeing myself as a part of a VM whole and that i'm actually working as well as my mentors... and that there really is a universal creative conciousness as there were things in barneys that i had decided to do in sydney without the same inspiration... blessed.. realising my windows are driven by my life and influences.. finding my confidence and realising my intuition comes from years of observation, not just fluke.

Destructive: spending the better part of half a year fighting with the most important person in my life, which ended in a horrible time in NYC... which then lead to the end of my three year relationship.. the loss of a friend, a lover and a life i had believed in.

And i have realised all to closely how linked my creativity is to my heart. And at the moment it has been in pieces.. as has my work and my blog.

i've still been putting out windows... The art of fighting (see next post - ive just been to vague to take a pic since i finished it) has been my expression of that hurt and conflict.

So it is of no excuse, but ive realised that a few things have to change for my blog to continue.. I need to be able to write about my life, as it is the impetus for so much of what i do, and it needs to not only be about windows, but also about the things ive experienced.

in the end i guess its who i am and where i am going.. windows and all.

heres to the new journey.
the king of sorrows, eva