Friday, August 29, 2008


I decided to use some red glitter as flooring on in our miu miu window. So i took the fun option of using it to brand the display..

when i came back 2 days later i was told that this gorgeous kid had taken it upon himself to add to our display..

so for the rest of the time it read blaise loves miu miu..
<3<3<3 we love you blaise! come again!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

fun with mirrors!

mirror rain clouds and compliments..I love doing stuff in the corner shop:)

its so much fun to juxtapose things and just accept that they go together.. I guess that is what the creative process is all about. And on that tangent, here is an article I just read about that exact subject...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sydney Biennale 2008

The Sydney Biennale is currently on.. Set over many sites, the main exhbition is held on Cockatoo Island, Pier 2 wharf, the MCA and the AGNSW.

I have currently seen the Cockatoo Island and MCA sections..
I found Cockatoo Island frustrating to navigate but very worthwhile. This was mainly due to lack of clear signage as to where to locate the artworks.. Having said that, the surreal war bunker settings gave the high number of video installations a very powerful ambiance to display in, so I understand the choice of location.

I also found the strange architecture on the island worked almost as an art piece of its own.. giving strength to many of the artworks - especially the Giannis Kounellis piece using old sails throughout one side of the ship building hall (the hall is pictured below).

I also loved the piece on the black panthers by Emory Douglas.. and although you arnt allowed to take photos, I snuck this one in..

i'm looking forward to the AGNSW and Pier 2 sections this week! x

Thursday, August 21, 2008

further info on the zany shindig shack

from the wentworth courier...
'A Woollahra Council urban designer, Tom Jones, said the sign most likely dated from the early 1960s, when the former theatre masqueraded as a dance hall and a nightclub.
Formerly the venue for an open-air theatre, a 1500-seat building with a facade decorated in the classic style was constructed on the site in 1929.
The building was more than twice as high as its neighbours, making it an instant local landmark, and it continued as a theatre until the early 1960s, when local dancers descended to tread the boards.'


sunsets in sydney

beautiful sunsets in sydney at the moment..
winter time beauty abounds! xx

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

see shindig! dance shindig!

i like this.. when they were redoing the local supermarket in paddington Five ways, they also re-did the awning..thus exposing some rather amazing original artwork and giving a whole new meaning to the large space i have only known as a woolworths!

shindig love xx

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jonathan Jones @ the sherman contemporary art foundation..

last week i went to the Jonathan Jones exhibition opening supported by the sherman contemporary art foundation..
here is the blurb about the work taken from

SHERMAN CONTEMPORARY ART FOUNDATION (SCAF) presents a major new installation by Jonathan Jones (Kamilaroi/Wiradjuri) using signature elements of his work – light, structural elegance and repetition of forms. Walls covered in blue plastic tarpaulin and glowing with filtered light will fill the entire SCAF exhibition space.

Jones’s use of fluorescent light with his Indigenous traditions creates a powerful and meaningful set of references that have established him as one of the most interesting artists to emerge in the last decade. His work explores the relationships of space – the personal, the public, the private, the common – and the unifying effect of light.

The installation will set up a dynamic of intimacy versus exclusion. While visitors will be able to look through the gap between the walls they will be unable to enter or participate in the sculpture. The anticipated effects are of longing, alienation and lost or secret histories. The work is particularly relevant at a time of changing government policies in relation to Aboriginal housing.

and the photo i took of the work on the launch night..

just wonderful!

givenchy and dries launch in gold...

here is the outcome of the byzantine art research...

i had to tone the reference right back as the religious notions were a concern..

In the end i focussed on creating the sombre mood and the golden feeling.. which you loose a little in the photo.. you'll just have to go see it y'all:)

i think it lacks a bit of the detailed 2D background work that you find in the original byzantine works, but on the whole, i think the window is a great contrast to the last one and feels really nice when you are next to it :)

i love love love the black perspex flooring:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

rachel willmott vs the windowdresser @ the cornershop strand

'antmosphere 1' by rachel willmott is a collection of industrial monster sized ants..
when she brought them into the corner shop in the strand to display them, the idea of play was foremost on our mind!

hee hee its like an alice in wonderland moment where all the furniture from the doll house is drowned in sugar and then the ants come and play.. except the size has been made to scale for us..
its great doing an art installation just for the sake of showcasing young artists and having fun.. no product included thankyou!

Monday, August 11, 2008

fun fun fun

ooo i like this ... especially the stags... and visually the flamingos... hee hee x

Sunday, August 10, 2008

creating my surroundings...

As I have been stuck in bed the last couple of days with the flu i have been trying to up the anti in my own space as a source of inspiration..

i considered, as i was putting up all these pictures from the last few years, that perhaps remembering the journey up till now is a good place to start again.. and how to to find the road to living positively and creatively again!:)


Thursday, August 7, 2008


today im sick..
but here is a quote that made me smile last night..

"we all live in our own world. But if you look up at the starry sky, you'll see that all the different worlds up there combine to form constellations, solar systems, galaxies" Paul Coelho

heres to feeling happy again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

love this: iconography

At the moment, i am working with the aesthetic rules of byzantine art and religious iconography for our launch window of Dries Van Noten and Givenchy AW09..
below are some examples of what im looking at:

first, my favourite icon so far..

Secondly, the wierdest and most pagan feeling angel in byzantine art i have found...

and finally, the first image of an icon being made ever..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

redoing the bondi beach street artwall..

Today at Bondi they were redoing part of the street art wall.. its really good to see graff artists working away without the cover of night and in a supportive environment.