Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jonathan Jones @ the sherman contemporary art foundation..

last week i went to the Jonathan Jones exhibition opening supported by the sherman contemporary art foundation..
here is the blurb about the work taken from

SHERMAN CONTEMPORARY ART FOUNDATION (SCAF) presents a major new installation by Jonathan Jones (Kamilaroi/Wiradjuri) using signature elements of his work – light, structural elegance and repetition of forms. Walls covered in blue plastic tarpaulin and glowing with filtered light will fill the entire SCAF exhibition space.

Jones’s use of fluorescent light with his Indigenous traditions creates a powerful and meaningful set of references that have established him as one of the most interesting artists to emerge in the last decade. His work explores the relationships of space – the personal, the public, the private, the common – and the unifying effect of light.

The installation will set up a dynamic of intimacy versus exclusion. While visitors will be able to look through the gap between the walls they will be unable to enter or participate in the sculpture. The anticipated effects are of longing, alienation and lost or secret histories. The work is particularly relevant at a time of changing government policies in relation to Aboriginal housing.

and the photo i took of the work on the launch night..

just wonderful!

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