Monday, January 28, 2008

australia day long weekend

heres is what is doing it for me this australia day long weekend:
balenciaga shoes, pirate adventures, spray painted bikes and icecream van ice-creams..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

toto - bless the rains

We did an internal display to add colour and theme to our second room in the Corner Shop in Paddington. Playing with monsteria leaves we had made for an earlier window and found pieces of AstroTurf, we used the brown and green colourways in many of our winter collections to work up african jungle theme. By reinventing props we already had, we saved budget on the displays and i think the result was very fun. It creates a lively space for what tends to be the duller of the 2 fashion seasons:) never hurts we had a leopard skin stool, deer skin chair and antler lamps and horns already in the room.

i just dont know what to do with myself...

our reclining mannequin lies across a group of miu miu and jamin puech bags, clad in a helmut lang singlet and jacket, miu miu knickers and scarf and a pair of chloe boots.. she becomes a part of the group of merchandise, with a renaissance 'fruit bowl' effect.

This window is my dedication to all those fabulous girls with nothing better to do than roll around in luxury.. queens of decadence and style.. epitomes of desire..

i want miu miu undies.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

taking measure

As the year begins we all take measure.

our latest window at the MLC talks of time to review, of looking at things in a different way, noticing details you normally didn't appreciate, looking through to the true workings of things and really understanding the spaces in which we work/live.

Piazza Peroni

Piazza Peroni is a Corner Shop initiative in collaboration with Peroni.
We had a boring, unused courtyard at the back of our coolest store, the original Corner Shop in Paddington. So we commissioned artist Scrap Wall ( to create an artwork for the space..
He turned the courtyard into a 'Garden' with hinged artwork panels depicting the garden of eden and fashion imagery.. The whole space was painted and has grown over the last month with addition of colour and layers.. it will eventually 'die' back to white.
Here are 3 images of the courtyard in different stages, more photos to come...

December 11

December 28

January 11

we love the peroni's, summer, scrap and the corner.. xx

Friday, January 11, 2008

Andreas Kocks

The artwork of Andreas Kocks are fantastic. His manipulation of such a readily available material and his vision are amazing.
I found this image on the ffffound website, and just had to post it again.

Image Hosted by

and here is the description from
Among Andreas Kocks’ recent works is Cannonball, the site-specific installation made from multiple layers of paper cut into splashes and jumping from the gallery walls, as though a cannonball dive has just been executed by the visitor, now surrounded by waves.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

body art

ive been getting into makeup artistry and decorative body art over the festive season.
Often seen as something only kids do in public i think its a great form of expression and creativity.

and here is the best one i've seen for a WWF ad.

Image Hosted by

New Year

well after spending 2 week away, im back in the land of the blog..
so for your viewing pleasure, here is of my favourite new artists:

Richard Gurney:
Richard Gurney has been making dolls as part of his art practice since the early 90s. The installation currently on display in The Corner Shop is inspired by a few things - the novel "Two Serious Ladies" by Jane Bowles and Japanese grunge pop illustration to name two.

We have him displayed currently at our Corner Shop in the strand arcade, sydney.

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Image Hosted by

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