Friday, October 26, 2007

MLC - bogong moth

We used a part of the Bogong Moth Textile print by Artist Bruce Goold (thankyou so much bruce!) for this MLC Centre Belinda window. The new season (A/W 2008) collections are surrounded by these fake moths, mimicking the real bogong plague happening in sydney at the moment.. Its so bad that as you pull out a dress from the rail in most city stores a moth will more than likely fly out... bad for moth haters.. but luckily they don't bite or eat clothes.. so i dont mind them at all...

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Bogong Moths belong to the Family Noctuidae and are well known in south-eastern Australia for their mass migration in spring. In some years, they have descended upon cities such as Sydney and Canberra in their thousands, causing disruption around outdoor sports grounds, most city skyscrapers and to air-conditioning plants.

Our thanks again and inspiration to Bruce and his lovely family.
x ev

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