Sunday, April 20, 2008

FASHION WEEK Sydney May 2008

As fashion week begins we celebrate the wonderfully talented friends we have.
Australian Fashion week is a local intimate affair, where many of the designers and retailers are friends and have more than just a client /supplier relationship.

We chose artist from within our friends to celebrate the fine line between art and fashion and the relationships we have with both at Belinda and The Corner Shop.

For the Corner Shop artists we wanted to explore the works of newly emerging artists.
At the Belinda stores we have more established and working professional artists.

The first to launch his works today is Dave Withers for The Corner Shop in the strand..

Dave is a conceptual sculptor, concerned with urban dross (garbage) and working with found object (often with materials lifted directly from the streets).
His newspaper Bubbles, made for this installation within our Corner Shop at the Strand are pure fun.. jigging alongside the mannequins, they induce a sense of play and discovery whilst the bric-a-brac construction of newspaper and masking tape plays against the high end fashion they interact with. The shapes are reminiscent of bubbles or pebbles and are read instantly as abstract organic and feminine forms.

our thanks and kudos to Dave xx

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