Sunday, March 6, 2011

catalog windows.

there seems to be a lot of middle-range windows in sydney returning to the print catalog as the inspiration and design driver for windows.

personally i think this is just coming across as a money saving excercise which leaves the viewer dry and the store looking unimaginative.

At very least we could see windows as the conceptual cousin of the catalog and create something that is inline with the concept and yet more suited to the 3d space and scale..

I understand there is an argument for advertising being stronger when so closely linked with the store (and therefore the merchandise) however why do we believe that a 2d design can translate with the same appeal.. surely a referential design would be strong enough to support the catalog and yet not leave the dry feeling that a 'catalog window' does.

Part of the marketing strategy of great companies is surely to allow the custodians of each media to be consulted to create the best form of a branding concept for their own field of expertise..

If only we would stop letting company execs and advertising people design windows. its creating boring homogenized campaigns that leave most people wondering why you didn't just cover the window space with a vinyl print and visually deny you had a space at all.. at least until you come up with a better idea.


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