Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stained glass christmas at Double Bay

Stain glass was the inspiration for this years Christmas windows. It was a project that was influenced heavily by the stain glass ideals of hand worked but very graphic elements, and the look of modern stain glass panels.
Whilst at the corner shop window (see below posts) i used perspex to create fields of colour and light within the window.. at Belinda we were more literal with giant sheets of clear acrylic hanging to create stain glass window pains within the window.

Originally the idea was to paint directly onto the glass and turn our store fronts into stain glass windows, however budget and time constraints meant i had to use the perspex sheets and bring the 'stained glass' inside for most of our displays.. except this one... Due to the architecture of the window, we were able to paint directly onto the glass, and for that, this is my favourite of all of them.. it is installed as it was designed:)
Yay! small victories but good ones:)

"the star lead her to the shoes and bag she had been dreaming of.."

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