Wednesday, November 5, 2008


PHEW! After two days (17 hours to be exact) of blu-taccing origami paper sheets to the walls of the window, we have the Autumn Winter 09 'pixelator' launch window installed in the MLC.. yay!

Akira Isogawa in the back window (lovely textures from the australian/japanese darling)

Donna Karan in the side window (what a dress!!! Thank you Donna!)

Lanvin in the front left window..(I think this is their best trench yet! amazing)

Dries Van Noten in the front right (as always, effortless to dress and combine)

and now I can be sick quietly with tonsillitis.. does everyone else also get sick when you need to be in peak performance??xx

1 comment:

Modelizer said...

I only like pixels outside of a photograph [see chuck close--so good/ahead of his time] this is a great concept on top of a great shot [I saw your inspiration below but knew it was from that series]