Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Summer Lovin..

today, while waiting for the arrival of garden furniture to finish a display from aussie swimwear designers Anna and Boy, we had some fun with our male mannequin and the synthetic grass to be used for the installation..

He lay there, in his own private garden scene through lunchtime, reminding us all how good summer is:)



ryder said...

this is very creative.

Modelizer said...

I love it, I wish people could be in the displays sometimes as well [my dream is to shoot models with mannequins inside of the Bergdorf windows]

I have no idea what the Australian rules and rights are, but no one can tell you you're not allowed to take a photo of something unless there is a no photo sign. No sign, no bullshit excuses. Especially if you're on the side walk taking the photos...how do they know I'm not just shooting for reflections?