Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eley Kishimoto vs Naomi Charles and the windowdresser @ the corner shop, paddington

its so nice when a random set of inspired pieces come together so happily..I think its the moment a VM hopes for...

The "Girl in Bathers' artwork by Naomi Charles and Eley Kishimoto SS08 collection seemed as though they had been created by the same hand so i wanted to work them into a display together...

I made the concertina paper chains (probably inspired by the giant crane in the view from my bedroom window and the ideas of old school crafty paper art I have been seeing around the arty website traps)

I thought they would link the elements within the display with joy and playfulness.. feelings evoked in both the artwork and the fashion..

At the end of winter its a nice hit of colour and carnival energy:)

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